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This website is specifically for people associated with bingo to view or post their old photographs from down the years. Alongside this, there will be snippets of information about the photos and maybe even the history behind them. The website is an extension of the popular Facebook page that goes by the same name ‘Bingo Photos Old & New‘. If you have arrived at this website from that Facebook page, or through a general internet search then you are very welcome.

Due to the size and popularity of the Facebook page, it was felt that it would be a natural progression to expand this into a full-size website which can then give the opportunity of adding more information and stories about the pictures that are submitted. It is if you like an extension of the Facebook page and they will run alongside each other.

The Facebook page initially started back in May 2015 and was originally called ‘Old Bingo Photographs’ up until August 2018 when the name was changed to what it is today. Since its conception, we have seen the number of likes increase to over 3,700 with new images being added on a daily basis. As of the end of February 2019, we have had over 5,000 photos added to the timeline and this doesn’t include other albums such as mobile uploads and all the visitor posts.

It is with the success of the Facebook page and the amount of content that is being added that has led to the creation of this website. Much of what is on the Facebook page will be found here and new content can be submitted via the website as well. As the website grows you will find it easy to search for photos or content by company name, event, club name or even by the name of the person. This should hopefully be a far better option than having to scroll through the Facebook page timeline.

So thanks for visiting the Bingo Photos Old & New website and I hope you enjoy your time here.

Latest Bingo Photos, News and Events

A visit by Pat Phoenix to the Sems Bingo Club in Leigh featured

A visit by Pat Phoenix to the Sems Bingo Club in Leigh

This photo features a visit by Pat Phoenix from Coronation Street to the SEMS Bingo Club in Leigh.
The Team at Granada Bingo Kirby featured

The Team at Granada Kirkby

A 1989 photo of the team at Granada Kirkby formerly the J&A bingo club on Telegraph Way.
Granada Bingo Wythenshawe featured

Granada Bingo Wythenshawe Manchester

Granada Wythenshawe located on Rowlandsway in Manchester. The premises were formerly The Golden Garter cabaret venue.
Granada Bingo on the Broadway in Pitsea Essex 2

The Team at Granada Bingo in Pitsea Essex

This former cinema traded as a bingo club between 1971 and 2009.
Granada club on West Ham Lane in Stratford

Granada club on West Ham Lane in Stratford

This club closed in March 1994 when the owners Gala relocated the club.
Granada Enfield on Burleigh Way featured

Granada Enfield on Burleigh Way

Granada Enfield on Burleigh Way which sadly closed in 1997.
The team at Granada Yardley circa 1986 featured

The Team at Granada Yardley circa 1986

The team at Granada Yardley circa 1986. The club was located in the Swan centre in the town.
Granada Hippodrome on Hale St Coventry featured

Granada Hippodrome on Hales St, Coventry

This former theatre opened as a Granada bingo Hall circa 1986. There was...


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